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TIAM VitaB3 Source Serum, 40ml (melanin control & darkspots) *new packaging

Sr. 109 Sr. 140

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Vita B3 Source

Double whitening effect serum that added arbutin to the primary skin whitening effect by high concentration niacinamide.

Double formulation intensive whitening care
Two-component whitening functional ingredient (niacinamide, arbutin) Highly functional whitening serum that intensively blocks the causes and processes of fundamental blemishes and blemishes.

Bright and even skin tone care
Makes the skin tone that has been dull and mottled into a uniform color to make it transparent and bright.

Skin basic strengthening
Niacinamide is prescribed with a high content (10%) to enhance the basic functions of various skin types such as dark blemishes, excess sebum care, and trouble management. * The color of the contents may change due to arbutin, but this is a natural phenomenon with no problems with the product.


Purified water, niacinamide (10%), butylene glycol, arbutin (2%), allantoin, dipotassium glycyrrhizate, cedar tree extract, cornus fruit extract, dysentery extract, hydroxyethylcellulose, sodium hyaluronate , Methylpropanediol, laurylpyridinium chloride, clofenesin, 1,2-hexanediol


Check HOW TO Here>>> HOW TO USE
After using the toner, take an appropriate amount in the next step and apply it gently.

Apply it once more on the areas where the dullness is a concern and pat it lightly for absorption.

Please use sunscreen for morning use.

* Niacinamide is prescribed with high content, so please adjust the amount after using skin sensitivity test for the first time .

As it contains high concentration of niacinamide, please adjust the amount of use according to the skin type . (2 drops of sensitive skin / 3-4 drops of normal skin)

If there is irritation (red reaction, tingling), reduce the amount of use or mix it with serum and moisturizer for comfortable use without irritation.

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