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P29 Antibacterial Copper Mask (kills 99% germs) Washable & Reusable,(freesize)

Sr. 29 Sr. 40

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Care Instructions: It is Important that the mask is washed in cold water only, with no use of soap. This protects the copper ions that actively kill viruses and bacteria. First Use: To protect the mask, an antibacterial spray is applied before packing, so you may want to wash the mask before use to rid the product of any odor from the antibacterial coating. Please Store the mask in original packaging as its antibacterial pouch as well. The copper protection holds even after 50 washes but the material may begin to wear.
Fit Type: Standard Fit Featherlight | Breathable | Safe. Patented Copper Coating Certified Technology, brought to you from South Korea, the leaders in the fight against Pandemic. This premium mask contains infused copper ions which protects you against viruses. We harnessed the antiviral properties of copper to make the safest, most comfortable face mask on the market today.
Unlike other products made with copper threads, the layers of a P29 Mask are completely coated with a patented copper coating, giving an outstanding antibacterial effect. The Copper Coating effectively kills 99% and prevents virus proliferation and reduces odor. Filters harmful dust, nano airborne particles.
Washable with Cold Water only & Reusable upto 50 times and dries fast | No itchy feeling or pain on ear, Stretchable, Wrinkle Free, Quick Dry, Water Resistant | Extra Space for Better Air Circulation.
Anti-Fogging while wearing Spectacles | Great for Sports & Activities | UV Protection, Maximum Face coverage | Inbuilt Air Purifier Filtration | Soft Comfortable Ergonomic 3D Design Shape | Can be worn for long durations without any discomfort.


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