Somebymi BYE BYE Blackheads Bubble Cleanser

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Somebymi Bye Bye Blackheads Green Tea Tox Bubble Cleanser

Do not be fooled by fakes
100% Guaranteed Authentic Korean Products Or Your Money Back!
Shipped directly from Korea!

Effective, Fun and Easy Blackhead Removal
-No more squeezing and poking and just melt away blackheads

Intensive and Thorough Pore Care
-Removes blackheads, excess sebum, and shrinks pores

Only 5 Minutes a Day for a Blackhead-free Skin
-Quick and safe way to aim for a blackhead-free skin

Main Ingredients

16 types of green tea extract
BHA bubbles from white willow bark
Konjac granules
Tannin Complex



How to Use

Usual skincare routine:
Face wash/Cleanser >>> Toner >>> Serum >>> Cream

Cleanser: Bye Bye Blackhead Bubble Cleanser

Pump appropriate amount on hand and spread on your skin evenly.
Wait for 3 minutes for the bubbles to fully form
Gently massage foam on face

Tips and Tricks

Contents cannot be eaten
-Ingredients may be from different types of tea drinks but it's for external use only

Product becomes a darker shade of green
-This has live green tea which causes the darkening of color. Color doesn't affect product effectivity

Tip of Product Opening is Foaming
-It's due to the product's unique formulation. It's pretty normal and doesn't mean the product is defective


Acne-prone people
Wants mild and gentle exfoliation
Blackheads and whiteheads
Large pores
Too much oil and sebum on the face