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SULWHASOO Esssential Balancing Daily Routine SET (Travel Exclusive)

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SULWHASOO Essential Balancing Daily Routine Set is a premium skincare set formulated with Korean traditional herbs like red ginseng, matrimoony vine, purslane, flower extracts and honey. Together, these ingredients deliver deep moisture and nourishment to improve skin elasticity and texture to reveal glowing, smooth and bouncy skin. It leaves a layer of moisture when applied to maintain the skin's optimal moisture balance, leaving it dewy and youthful-looking.

SULWHASOO Essential Balancing Daily Routine Set comes with the contents below:

- 125ml+15ml SULWHASOO Essential Balancing Water Ex

- 125ml+15ml SULWHASOO Essential Balancing Emulsion Ex

- 5ml SULWHASOO Essental Firming Ex Cream

- 8ml SULWHASOO First Care Activating Serum Ex

Key Points:

Premium anti aging skincare set
Made with Korean herbal ingredients and flowers
Leaves skin well moisturised and rejuvenated
Helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines
Moisture rich texture that wraps around the skin well


Check HOW TO Here>>>
1.Pump generous amounts of the product on your finger and spread it all over your lips.

2.After bubble comes up, wait 5 minutes until your dead skin cells are softened.

3.When bubble has been vanished, rub smoothly with your finger.

4.Keep rubbing until bubble has been removed with all the dead skin cells.

5.Wipe your lips with water or with a wet tissue.

6.Finish off with a lip moisturizer.

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