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[Super Sale] AHC Premium Cotton Mask - WHITENING, BUNDLE OF 5PCS

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Product Description
Made under Oeko-tex 1-grade of European Environment-friendly certification and 100% pure cotton mask sheet under ROHAS certification of Korea provide ultra close contact with skin, soft and light fit, to deliver nutrients and moisture more effectively.
It contains 93% of natural essence, which has less skin irritation as 18 kinds of skin irritation ingredients has been removed.
Skin-friendly mask sheet for 'pack of 1 day' skin care.
Patented moisturizing ingredient 'Aqua ceramide' delivers moisture deep inside the skin without stickiness.
The vitamins of berries extracts make your skin bright and tone up the dull looks and pale skin.
Improvement of skin moisture loss / Skin density improvement / Skin lifting (filling) improvement.

Main Ingredients
-Aqua ceramide, 7 kinds of plant extracts (lotus, licorice, japanese knotweed, gold, rosemary leaf, chamomile flower, green tea)

How to Use
1. After cleansing, adjust skin with a toner.
2. Take out the mask sheet and stretch it all over face evenly.
3. After 10-20 minutes remove the mask and gently tap the rest of the essence to absorb.

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