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360 Beauty Solutions REGEN Hair Removal Spray, 150g

Sr. 59 Sr. 85

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*Allows you to accurately and naturally draw the arrows. Thanks to a thin rod of medium hardness, the pencil draws lines easily and subtly, giving the eyes a delicate look.
*Has high durability, is not erased and is not smeared during the day.
*The pencil lead is protected by a removable cap, thanks to which it is convenient to carry the pencil with you in a cosmetic bag.


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Step. One
Wait 3-10 minutes for Regen EasyClean Removal Cream on areas where hair is needed, depending on the area of ​​hair removal. Please break it evenly.
Step. 2
Girdle about 5 minutes, well about 3-5 minutes, legs about 5-10 minutes No need to rub or apply skin. (If you throw a pitch from the public office, you will be deceived.)
Step. 3
Wipe with a wet wipe or towel
Please rinse under running water.
(If you put it in the opposite barrel shape of Yemogyeol, you can wear it with more.)
Step. 4
After epilation, sprinkle jelly mist on Regen Mallo after epilation
It helps calm and moisturize.

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