3W CLINIC Collagen White Foam Cleansing, 180ml

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3W Clinic Collagen White Foam Cleanser

Do not be fooled by fakes
100% Guaranteed Authentic Korean Products Or Your Money Back!
Shipped directly from Korea!

Gentle Yet Thorough Cleansing
-Rich and creamy foam designed to cleanse skin without irritation

Cleansing Without Dryness
-Leaves skin moist and soft after use

Nourishing and Whitening
-Contains natural ingredients which nourish and whitens

Main Ingredients

Hydrolized collagen
Marine collagen



How to Use

Usual skincare routine:
Face wash/Cleanser >>> Toner >>> Serum >>> Emulsion >>> Cream >>> Sunblock/Makeup

Face Wash
Pour appropriate amount on hand and create a foam texture. Apply and massage on skin. Rinse thoroughly after.

Tips and Tricks

Day and night use

Safe to use for Men and Women alike


Dry skin
Dull and dark skin
Tired, lifeless skin
Wrinkly, old skin
Wants younger-looking skin
Looking for plumper and softer skin
Wants bright and fair skin

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