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Air Queen NanoFiber Filter Mask (black / white)

Sr. 6

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High defense KF9 (94% dust removal efficiency) : KF94 means the function of filtering 80% more of the 0.6 particle dust has been verified from the Ministry of Food & Drug Safety.
Blocks not only fine-dust but also a source of infection completely through high-technology
Ergonomic three-dimensional design: It covers from the nose to the chine completely, and efficiently blocks the inhaling of the fine dust through the adhesion structure, also shows high stability when wearing one.
Adhere completely from nose to chin! / Prevent inflow and stability that doesn’t fall off.
Effectively block fine-dust and allow air ventilation through a lighter 3 layer filter structure of an air purifier from the stuffy humidifying pre-existing 4 layer structure.

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