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Crebeau Placenta Pearl Essence Mask, 25ml

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Crebeau Placenta Pearl Essence Mask
A mask that deeply supplies moisture to dry skin due to lack of hydration.
Natural moisturizing factor ingredients in pure natural state protects tired skin from external harmful environment and has high moisture content.
Containing Hyaluronic acid and pearl extracts that gives deep hydration to the skin.
Adenosine for anti-aging. Chamomile and aloe vera extracts for soothing tired skin.

Main ingredients
Pearl Extracts
Hyaluronic Acid
Chamomile extracts
Aloe vera extracts


Check HOW TO Here>>>
Skin Care Routine:
Oil cleanser > Foam/cream cleanser > Toner > Essence > Emulsion > Ampoule/Serum > Sheet Mask
> Eye Cream / eyepatches > Moisturizer / sleeping pack > Sunscreen(morning only)

After cleansing your skin, put unfolded mask on your face carefully. Remove mask sheet after 15~20 minutes. If you want your skin to absorb more nutritive essence, leave a mask on your skin 10~15 minutes more.
Then massage remaining essence gently and lightly for complete absorption.

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