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IHC Premium Quality Collagen Tablets with Hyaluronic Acid (500mg x 120 tablets) (halal) - 120 days

Sr. 128 Sr. 150

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body, making up 90% of connective tissue, 90% organic bone mass, and 70% of our skin. In our early 20s, collagen production declines and continues decreasing steadily. By the time we are in our 60s, we have half as much collagen as we did in our 20s. Decreased collagen means more wrinkles, saggy skin, joint stiffness, weaker bones and thinner hair. Luckily, supplementating with collagen peptides has been proven to prevent and reverse the effects of this loss. Here are 12 other incredible collagen benefits for your entire body – inside and out:

1. Promotes Weight Loss
2. Builds Stronger Bones
3. Alleviates Arthritis
4. Improves Joint Flexibility
5. Prevents Injury
6. Increase Injury Recovery
7. Prevents Heartburn
8. Repairs Gut Lining
9. Post Workout Nutrition
10. Smooths Skin
11. Reduce Wrinkles
12. Builds Strong Hair & Nails

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