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[limited edition] LEMONA Vitamin C 500mg BTS Edition (2g*20pcs)

Sr. 40 Sr. 65

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When to have Vitamin C Lemona?
1. To maintain elastic and shiny skin
- Melasma (black spot) and freckle prevention
- Skin whitening effect
- A must-have in a woman's bag with interest on their skin

2. To prevent a cold
- Cold prevention by keeping cold virus invading into cells

3. After workout and outdoor activities
- After doing sports or workout, which consumes much physical strength

4. When smoking, when drinking
- A cigarette consumes 25 mg Vitamin C
- Lemona is good to thirsty throat after smoking or drinking

5. When studying, when working
- Lemona reduces stress and fatigue

6. For driving, travel and leisure
- The sweet and sour taste of Lemona makes you feel refreshed

Active Ingredients: Coated ascorbic acid 520.83mg(in-house spec.)9500mg as ascorbic acid), riboflavin(KP) 2mg, pyridoxine hydrochloride(KP) 5mg

Other Ingredients: Lactose hydrate (dairy product), powdered sugar, flavors, hydroxypropyl cellulose, D-Mannitol

(FORMULA) Yellow Particulate powder
(Benefits) Vitamin b2, b6 and c in the case of physical fatigue, pregnancy/breastfeeding, illness, reduces melasma/freckles


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Direction for use:
Children and adults over 8years: Take one stick pack, once a day.

(Storage) Store in an airtight container at room temperature (1-30 degree celcius)

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