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LINE FRIENDS Brown Steam Hair Mask Pack 1PC

Sr. 20 Sr. 40

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|| Product Introduction ||
LINE FRIENDS BROWN and CONY can finally accompany you into a healthy life.
Create a time to care for your hair on the hair anytime, anywhere.

|| Features ||
Super lazy, look at the phone while dressing up

Coconut Oil and Jeju Rape Honey - Care for Damaged Hair
Macadamia Oil - Smooth and Bright Care
Jojoba Oil - Scalp Nutritional Care

Improve hair lice, hot dyed hair damage care
Make your hair smooth and healthy
Use stretchable non-woven fabric and stick around the head


Check HOW TO Here>>>

Open the package, which contains a vapor mask.
One side is narrow and the other side is wide.
The narrow side is the forehead position.
You can peel off the paper and put your head inside.
It has a high degree of conformity and can match the size of different people's heads.
Each pack contains the essence evenly, so it provides full nutrition.
After shampooing, it is better to dry your hair with a towel and put on a hair mask for about 20-30 minutes.

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