SOMEBYMI AHA BHA PHA 30days Miracle Soap Cleansing Bar,100g

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Somebymi AHA/BHA/PHA Pimple and Acne-free After 30 Days Miracle Soap Bar

Do not be fooled by fakes
100% Guaranteed Authentic Korean Products Or Your Money Back!
Shipped directly from Korea!

Mild and Gentle Exfoliation with Thorough Pore Care
-AHA/BHA/PHA and natural ingredients to encourage the skin to shed dead skin

Acne Prevention and Skin Brightening Effects
-Adenosine and Niacinamide for anti-wrinkle and whitening

Moisturizing and Soothing Effect
-Dermatologically tested and free from allergenic components

Main Ingredients

Tea Tree Water Extract


Miracle Soap: 100g

How to Use

Usual skincare routine:
Face wash/Cleanser >>> Toner >>> Serum >>> Cream

Cleanser: Miracle Soap

Wash your face with warm water. Form foam using the soap and apply the foam on your skin. Wash off foam and gently tap the skin with a towel.

Tips and Tricks

Miracle soap
-Natural soap can easily melt in wet and humid places. Slice the soap into four pieces and keep them in a dry place which is room temperature for long use.

-Body or soap mesh makes it easier to form foam for application

-Can also be used for the body. Back pimples, flaky callouses on feet and more


Acne-prone people
Wants mild and gentle exfoliation
Dull skin tone
Large pores
Too much oil and sebum on the face
Damaged and sensitive skin