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SOMEBYMI Cereal Pore Foam Scrub, 100ml

Sr. 78 Sr. 95

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Gentle and Mild Exfoliation
-Soft natural grains and microbead-free for deep cleansing and exfoliation

Ingredients Derived from Nature
-Mostly made out of rice bran extract, chestnut and walnut shell, and more

Guaranteed Natural and Safe to Use
-EWG safety grade for all ingredients! No Microplastics! No Cellulose!

Acne-prone people
Large pores
Dry, flaky skin
Blackheads and whiteheads
Dull, uneven skin tone
Rough, cakey skin after makeup

72% natural grain
Chestnut shell extract
Perilla seed extract
Walnut shell extract
Lentil seed extract


Check HOW TO Here>>>
Wash your face with warm water. Put half a teaspoon size of scrub. Form foam using both hands and apply the foam on your skin. Wash off foam and gently tap the skin with a towel.

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