SOMEBYMI V10 Multi Vita Cleansing Bar

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Somebymi Multi-Vitamin V10 Cleansing Soap Bar

Do not be fooled by fakes
100% Guaranteed Authentic Korean Products Or Your Money Back!
Shipped directly from Korea!

Intense Dose of Pure Vitamin C
-Vitamin C for lesser pigmentation and dark spots and more energized skin

Brighter Skin and Fewer Blemishes
-Achieve the perfect fair and flawless skin

Skin Energizing and Pore Care
-Energizes and provides intensive as well as thorough pore care

Main Ingredients

Pure Vitamin C
Botanical Oils

V10 Soap: 100g

How to Use

Usual skincare routine:
Face wash/Cleanser >>> Toner >>> Serum >>> Cream

Cleanser: V10 Soap
Wash your face with warm water. Form foam using the soap and apply the foam on your skin. Wash off foam and gently tap the skin with a towel.

Tips and Tricks

V10 soap
-Natural soap can easily melt in wet and humid places. Slice the soap into four pieces and keep them in a dry place which is room temperature for long use.

-Body or soap mesh makes it easier to form foam for application


Dark, dull skin
Pigmentation and freckles
Dark circles
Blemished skin

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