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Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum, 15 ml (anti-aging booster)

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23 years of research have been channeled toward Sulwhasoo’s signature “first step” Korean herbal medicine-based serum The fifth generation JAUM Activator™ is more powerful than ever as an essential anti-aging booster that stimulates the skin’s natural ability to rejuvenate itself every day.

The powerful fifth-generation JAUM Activator™ was developed by using the “Youth Master Technology”, the latest form of biotechnology of Sulwhasoo JAUM Activator™ takes care of the entire ecosystem surrounding the skin and creates a firm and healthy foundation.

Essential Anti-Aging “First Care” that awakens the natural power of the skin First Care Activating Serum is formulated for everyday use immediately after face washing, as it enhances the regenerative power and protective barrier of the skin to achieve that soft and radiant look.

Signature fragrance and texture that are both refreshing and easily absorbed into the skin Sulwhasoo’s advanced formula technology is used to develop a product that can be easily absorbed into any skin type. It has infused a soothing scent to enhance the efficacy of the formula and provide customers with an excellent experience.

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