5 Skincare Active Ingredients and how they works for your skin

   We love taking care of our physical appearance especially us ladies. And if I’m not mistaken you’re probably already tried everything from the expensive one, local or Korean brands.  And we all know that there are so many different ingredients we see in the market today and most of them are unpronounceable. Hehe

So what is Active Ingredients?

     Active Ingredients are the ingredients contained within skincare products that actually work to address the skin concern the product is meant to target. They are the ingredients that supposedly been scientifically proven to actually have the desired effect, meaning the product will do what it says it will.

     Here's the List of 5 Skincare Active Ingredients. And I know it can be hard to know when to start because there are so many products on the market that contains these active ingredients, so I’m going to mention also below those skincare products to consider.


Did you know ceramides is one of the best anti-aging ingredients for skincare?

Ceramides are produced naturally by the skin, but they become depleted overtime as we age. And since ceramide production becomes depleted overtime, the skin barrier is weakened, so it’s important to use skincare products containing ceramides to restore your skin’s hydration and moisture, leaving your skin looking supple. The deficiency in ceramides causes dry skin, skin disorders, trans epidermal water loss from the skin, and the loss of elasticity.


5 Skincare products that you need to consider:


Peptides are amino acids that make up certain proteins needed by the skin. More specifically, collagen is made of three polypeptide chain, so adding peptides can stimulate your skin to make collagen and more collagen can lead to firmer, younger-looking skin and that’s what we want.

Peptides work to rebuild and repair damaged cells and signal skin to produce collagen, slowing the aging process. It’s a go-to moisturizer for a large range of women and men, including those with sensitive, dry and acne-prone skin.

5 Skincare products that you need to consider:



Among those active ingredients Hyaluronic Acid plays a crucial role in skin moisture. As people age, the moisture in their skin decreases, so some people choose to take supplemental Hyaluronic Acid.

Hyaluronic Acid helps reduce the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles retaining moisture to the skin, creating plumping effect when the skin is protected and hydrated, increased skin cell production can take place, as the skin isn’t busy fighting for hydration. This leads to smoother, plumper skin cells. 

Hyaluronic Acid can increase skin moisture and improve the quality of life for those with dry skin.              

5 Skincare products that you need to consider:



This active ingredient is one of the most in demand ingredients in skincare right now!

Niacinamide is an important nutrient that has numerous skincare abilities and can assist with helping to reduce signs of acne. Niacinamide may be helpful for severe acne, especially inflammatory forms like papules and pustules.

Those who experience acne-prone skin will understand the frustrations of unwanted blemishes that tend to appear at the most inconvenient times. HAYS

5 Skincare products that you need to consider:


A hardworking Vitamin and the protector of our skin from UV Damage!

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. It also inhibits melanin production in the skin, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and dark spots, even out skin tone, and enhance skin radiance.


5 Skincare products that you need to consider: