The 10 Skincare Steps Towards Achieving Flawless Korean Skin

Hey all!

We have always admired Koreans and their flawless, porcelain, skin and doll-like faces. But what if I tell you that you can also achieve that by learning their secret(now not-so-secret) skincare routine?

If you want to achieve flawless skin like the Koreans, you might want to read on and try it out for yourself as well!

Here is how to transform your usual skincare routine Korean-style by following these steps.

Step One: Oil Cleanser

The first step to opening your Korean-style is to start with an oil cleanser. This is a part of the double cleansing process the Korean and Japanese women love to do. Oil cleanser is to cleanse the face from the makeup, creams and other facial products that you used.

Step Two: Foam Cleanser

Foam cleanser is the other half of the double cleansing routine that Koreans do. This is due to the fact that cleansing your face once is not enough. You will have some left over. Removing it all off is the foam cleanser’s job.

Step Three: Exfoliator

Despite double cleansing, those are not enough to coax out the oil and dirt that are digging into your pores. Therefore, exfoliation is the answer. Bonus: it also removes dead skin cells on your skin, encouraging new skin cell growth.

Note: Don’t exfoliate every day. It is best to exfoliate twice or thrice a week and only once a week if you have sensitive skin.

Step Four: Toner

Cleansing rids your skin of impurities. However, it also rids your skin of its natural hydration and necessary oils. The toner is a way to relieve the skin from dryness and prepare it for the series of pampering to come. The toner makes it easier for the skin to absorb skin care food in the later steps.

Step Five: Essence

It’s not a toner and it’s not a serum. Essence is a mysterious puzzle of both. It helps further prep the skin for treatment while mildly doing the required treatment at the same time. Personally, I considered this the part where the skin is made ready for the next step.

Step Six: Serum, Boosters, Ampoule Treatment

Step 6 is the part where most of the magic happens. Serums, ampoules, and treatments are applied to act upon pigmentation, dark spots, fine lines and more. However, this step can be considered an optional step for everyone. If you don’t have anything to treat on your skin, then you can head on to the next step.

Step Seven:  Facial Mask

Looking like a serial killer or a mummy is a small price to pay to look gorgeous. Additionally, this step can also be skipped or can replace step number 6 since the mask is already infused with serum and treatments. It is recommended to use it twice or thrice a week.

Step Eight: Eye Cream

The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul. The choice of your eye cream depends on your eye care needs. And we definitely need to pretty up those windows from eyebags, dark circles, and fine lines.

Step Nine: Face Cream

Face cream’s purpose is to lock in the moisture and the nutrients that you have applied in your skin so far. One of the key elements to achieving glowing, healthy and flawless skin is hydration. And face cream ensures your face doesn’t lose moisture.

Step Ten: SPF

The sun’s harsh rays easily render your skin dry and dehydrated. Therefore, proper protection is in order. Skin care products with high SPF is a must in order to protect the skin from the danger of sun damage.

So are you ready to try and transform your skincare routine the Korean way? In just 10 steps every night, you are taking a step nearer to flawless, glowing and healthier skin.

What are you waiting for? Reach for the porcelain skin you have always dreamed of by doing these simple 10 step skincare routine Korean style.